Our story in 100 words

One morning after a snowfall, while looking out my window at the parking lot, I saw a couple with a baby struggling to remove snow from their car. Then I learned that a disabled man in my apartment building couldn't go out because he couldn't remove snow from his car. As a car owner in New England, I experience the pain of cleaning my snow-covered car every winter. I thought, “Why should car owners have to go through the pain of removing snow after every snowfall?". There must be a way to avoid the pain, and the solution was SnowChamp!

Car Owners

Who doesn’t like snow? But not on our cars! Are you also worried about cleaning your car after a snowfall? Look no further as your SnowChamp is just a swipe away. Stay warm and cozy indoors with your loved ones, getting ready for work or finish watching your favorite TV show or baking those delicious cookies, while your SnowChamp makes your car snow-free.

Be a Campus Ambassador

We are seeking passionate and highly motivated campus ambassadors to join our team. We know being on campus has a different meaning this semester, but as a campus ambassador, you will help us build brand awareness and app adoption by connecting with your fellow classmates, in-person or virtually.

Be a SnowChamp

Who doesn’t like going out and enjoying the snow? But wouldn’t it get better if you also got paid for it? Go out there, make some cars snow-free, earn extra money and maybe throw a snowball or make a snowman?

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Who we are

We are a small tech start-up based out of Quincy, Mass whose aim is to provide a simple, easy, and affordable solution to a problem that has been overlooked for many years. Car owners pay a hefty sum of money for garages to keep their cars clean during a snowfall. The ones who don’t have a garage go through the pain of cleaning their cars after every snowfall. With our solution, just by swiping on their smartphones, they can now request a SnowChamp for a price lower than that of a typical haircut.

Our solution would also generate an income stream for the folks who can spare a few minutes to help us remove snow from cars. All they need is a smartphone and a snowbrush.

How it works

If you are a car owner, please download our free mobile app SnowChamp, fill in some basic details about your vehicle and parking location, and request your SnowChamp at your preferred time. Simple, isn’t it?

If you want to be a SnowChamp, please download our free mobile app SnowChamp (for snow cleaners), fill in some basic details about your employment eligibility, pick your preferred area and wait for a request, that’s it! Oh wait, we forgot to mention that you would need an extendable snowbrush with a scraper and a shovel.

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